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Our office will remain open with minimum staff personal on shift rotation basis during this Movement Control Order from 18th-31st March. This is to ensure continuous supplies of our Virkon Rely+On to our networks. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience caused during this period.

Nucleic Acids Purification Systems

Nucleic Acids Purification Systems
MYgen™ nucleic acids systems are a result of working closely with our local Malaysian research institute collaborators and with some technological transfers from US. Affordable yet upholding its quality standards as compared to major biotech brands in the research market.

MYgen™’s patented DNA / RNA purification mini columns are manufactured using polypropylene and by automated robot systems. All moldings are carried out in clean room environment. All our columns undergo electron beam treatment sterilization and this process destroys any reproductive cells of microorganisms which could proliferate inside the column fiber, making degradation of yield impossible even for long-term storage of our columns. This enables our customers to obtain high quality & high yield DNA / RNA every time.

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